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Denare Beach Lake


There are many communities within the region containing unique qualities, a rich history, community minded citizens and an impressive variety of amenities. The FDC Region is the ideal place for festivals, sporting and recreation events; and heritage, arts, and cultural experiences. 

Access To The Outdoors

The region is home to several world-class outdoor experiences drawing visitors from across the world. With a vast number of lakes, rivers and unique and rugged landscapes accompany the area, having access to the outdoors represents a fundamental quality of the FDC Region. 

Flin Flon Canada Day



What makes the FDC Region unique and attractive is its resilient and mobilized community groups and associations. From schools and community recreation facilities, to medical, wellness and cultural services, the Region boasts a strong sense of community.

There are multiple options to be a part of a close-knit community suited to broad spectrum of interests and lifestyles, whether that be related to music and performing arts, music, sports, outdoor activities, cultural events and several community organizations.

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