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Digital Creation &

Software Development

  • The FDC Region has access to high-speed digital infrastructure suitable for the production of digital content of all forms

Geophysical Consulting

 and Technology

  • The FDC Region is a hub for industry in northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan

  • Heavy machinery requires effective maintenance and service to stay productive


Remediation & Management

  • Bio-remediation

  • Phyto-remediation

  • Industrial management


Enterprise Support

• Web-based hosting (servers)

• Customer service centres

• Business support services

Mining & Refining of Natural Resources

• Hydrogen

• Hydroelectricity

• Biofuel

Investment Opportunities

The FDC Region’s economic experts have analyzed and identified the following markets to have unique and favourable opportunities within the region’s Service Hub and Housing Sector:

Manitoba Tech Talent
Manitoba Creative

Access to Talent Within the Tech Sector

From graphics and animation to SAS and AI-driven tools, there are emerging opportunities within a rapidly evolving IT sector. To accompany this sector and drive its economic potential, there is a growing millennial cohort who are capable of creating, designing, coding and developing these tools, helping to support the following business opportunities:

  • Smart tech & electronic product development

  • Publishing and design services

  • Motion picture, broadcasting & recording  industries

  • Telecommunications

  • Data processing, hosting and related services

Educated Workforce
Clean Energy Production

Clean Technology and Equipment

Along with the availability of hydro-power, the region has access to nickel, lithium, cesium, silica sand markets which are needed to produce specialized batteries and equipment that drive today’s economic and environmental innovation. Each of these resources play a key role in developing a value-added information technology and energy innovation sector.

FDC Research
FDC Engineering

Research & Innovation

With a rich history based in mining since the late nineteenth century and a community surrounded by lakes, rivers and rocky landscapes, the communities are poised to capitalize on the opportunities associated with the fourth industrial revolution, whereby developing modern, technology-based solutions to solve today’s most pressing challenges.


The University College of the North Flin Flon Regional Centre which is home to the Northern Manitoba Mining Academy and one of the critical drivers of research and innovation in the region. As a global mining leader, the Academy provides solutions for a robust, knowledgeable, and skilled mining sector and workforce.

Flin Flon Cellular
Flin Flon Internet

Ideal Climate

With temperatures between minus (-)22 as the average low in January and plus (+)22 as the average high in July, the region enjoys the benefits of both warm and cool environments with many sunny days throughout the year.  


Whether it is access to industrial-grade land or infrastructure, tapping-into large format commercial sites, or finding the right site in proximity to one of the many lakes, the opportunities to take advantage of passive heating and cooling options to reduce energy consumption are fruitful. The region offers many suitable sites and properties for digital creators, technology firms, and warehousing and data storage companies. 


to Invest

The FDC Region is positioned within a cost-competitive location to drive innovation in information technology, communications and energy production.


Our team of economic development experts are here to help. Please contact our Regional Economic Development Manager if you would like more information on The FDC Region's incentives.

Flin Flon Information

Information Tech. &

Energy Innovation

Sector Profile

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Ready to start your next business investment or expansion in The FDC Region? There are Several Resources and Supports Available to Assist Investors and Business.

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