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The FDC Regional Economic Development Commission

The commission is an interprovincial- intermunicipal organization that provides leadership in economic development initiatives undertaken on behalf of three communities, which include the City of Flin Flon, the Town of Creighton and the Village of Denare Beach. The goal of the commission is to improve The Region’s overall capacity for sustainable economic growth, seek economic diversification and work collaboratively with the surrounding communities.

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Regional Economic Development Manager

FDC Regional Economic Development Commission

City of Flin Flon | Town of Creighton | Village of Denare Beach, Canada

+1.306.688.8253 | +1.204.681.7505

City of Flin Flon

20 First Avenue

Flin Flon, MB

R8A 0T7, Canada


Town of Creighton

246 Creighton Ave

Creighton, SK

S0P 0A0, Canada


Village of Denare Beach

512 Seventh Avenue

Denare, Beach, SK

S0P 0B0, Canada

P.O. Box: 70


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