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Hotel, Hospitality 

and Foodie Experience

  • Unique accommodations

  • Small food/beverage shops

  • Air BnB destinations

Art Education, 

Experiences and Galleries

  • Showcase the local and Indigenous art

  • Expand available course selection at the NorVa

  • Workshops with local artists

Local Farmers, Artisan 

and Crafts Markets

  • A unique location with quality products and supply

  • Strong community spirit and support

  • Supply for restaurants and retailers


and Recreation

  • Expand the programming at the Whitney Forum

  • Outdoor-based accommodations

  • Regional sporting event hosting



  • Unique filming landscape 

  • Favourable Manitoba film and video production Tax Credit

  • High-quality digital infrastructure

Festival-Related Business

  • Several regional festivals

  • Available services (washroom facilities, transportation)

  • Temporary vendors

Heritage/Culture Tours, Exhibitions and Authentic Experiences 

  • Indigenous learning experiences

  • Downtown Flin Flon development

  • Nature-based experiences & tours

Dance, Music and Theatre Productions/ Performances

  • Several regional festivals

  • Available services (washroom facilities, transportation)

  • Temporary vendors

Investment Opportunities

The FDC Region’s economic experts have analyzed and identified the following markets to have unique and favourable opportunities within the region’s Service Hub and Housing Sector:

Heritage, Art and Cultural Experience

There are many communities within the region containing a rich history and unique qualities, making it very well positioned to attract visitors from across the world. The following experiences consist of:

  • Unique landscapes, such as Flin Flon, the city built on rocks 

  • An established historic Main Street/Downtown area in Flin Flon 

  • The FDC Region’s important relationship with Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation and Manitoba Métis Federation.

  • Thriving arts and culture including The Northern Visual Arts Centre (NorVa), offering studio space, workshops and classes, and gallery space for artists within the region. It also hosts a number of other art groups including a photo club and the Northern Palette Art Club.

The Outdoor Adventure Experience

The region is well-positioned with quality infrastructure and municipal services to support investment. The communities have a diverse housing stock and each have demonstrated a willingness to accommodate a variety of housing forms, including bungalow clusters, townhouses and apartment/condominium style multi-family residences.


With a stable population and Baby Boomers as well as early Generation X’ers tipping into retirement, they will be seeking to re-establish their hometown roots, thereby increasing the demand for housing. The following highlights the existing housing and development strengths within the region: 


  • Available prime development areas with a full range of municipal services, energy and digital technology

  • Standard potable water and sanitary waste systems and treatment facilities with capacity to support all types of development (available within all three communities)

  • Available lakefront areas for seasonal/permanent residential development

  • Available construction, trades and construction materials supply 

  • Available buildings for adaptive re-use

  • The physical environment provides opportunities for passive heating and cooling options to reduce energy consumption

Flin Flon Green Space
Northern Art
Manitoba Lodge
Manitoba Mountain Bike Trail


to Invest

The FDC Region is home to an established and thriving Tourism, Heritage, Arts and Culture industry. Currently, several untapped opportunities exist within the region

Festivals, Sporting and Recreation Events

With its impressive amenities, extensive outdoor activities  and community-minded citizens, the FDC Region is the ideal place to host a wide variety of events from tournaments, conferences, trade-shows and meetings to large-scale sporting and recreation events. 


Some of the existing features within the region include:

  • Available buildings for adaptive re-use

  • Multiple venues with the ability to host major events, such as the Whitney Forum in Flin Flon, home to the famous Flin Flon Bombers

  • An established outdoor experience infrastructure providing opportunities to host a variety of tournaments in both summer and winter, including world class fishing,  adventure cycling, skiing, snowmobiling and golfing. 

Northern Fishing Tournament
Bombers Hockey Game
FDC Tourism Culture

Tourism, Heritage, Arts and Culture

Sector Profile

Invest in


Our team of economic development experts are here to help. Please contact our Regional Economic Development Manager if you would like more information on The FDC Region's incentives.

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