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  • Renovation of available buildings into apartment units

  • Land available in urban centres

  • Aging population will need appropriate housing options

Hotel and 


  • Accommodation for students & local inhabitants in the region for  training programs, business, events and conferences

Cottage area 


  • Permanent or seasonal private residences

  • Resort or campground development

Senior’s Housing 

(Independent and 

Assisted Living)

  • Continuing Care retirement community

  • Active living centre development

  • Available municipally owned land

Seasonal Service & Development

  • A growing highway-commercial hub 

  • Potential franchise opportunities

  • Markets, cafes, and restaurants

Health & Wellness 

Service Hub

  • Physical therapy services

  • Outdoor spa experiences

  • Fitness services

Investment Opportunities

The FDC Region’s economic experts have analyzed and identified the following markets to have unique and favourable opportunities within the region’s Service Hub and Housing Sector:

An Established Service Hub for The Region 

The FDC Region will continue to experience impacts related to an aging population including: migration to service hubs for healthcare and housing; and increases in retirement quality of life expectations such as wellness and recreation and quality seniors’ housing for the entire aging spectrum.

With recent healthcare investments, a growing and aging population and an ongoing availability to healthcare services, the region has continued to establish itself as an important healthcare hub for the surrounding area. Other notable services and features the region provides include: 

  • All-weather road, rail and air infrastructure

  • A growing wellness sector 

  • Recreation (ie. the upcoming construction of a new aquatic centre in Flin Flon providing year-round pool and amenities access)

  • Education (K-12, post-secondary) 

  • Shopping (various)

  • Industrial supplies and distribution

  • Hotels

Available Prime Development Areas 

The region is well-positioned with quality infrastructure and municipal services to support investment. The communities have a diverse housing stock and each have demonstrated a willingness to accommodate a variety of housing forms, including bungalow clusters, townhouses and apartment/condominium style multi-family residences.


With a stable population and Baby Boomers as well as early Generation X’ers tipping into retirement, they will be seeking to re-establish their hometown roots, thereby increasing the demand for housing. The following highlights the existing housing and development strengths within the region: 


  • Available prime development areas with a full range of municipal services, energy and digital technology

  • Standard potable water and sanitary waste systems and treatment facilities with capacity to support all types of development (available within all three communities)

  • Available lakefront areas for seasonal/permanent residential development

  • Available construction, trades and construction materials supply 

  • Available buildings for adaptive re-use

  • The physical environment provides opportunities for passive heating and cooling options to reduce energy consumption

Flin Flon Hospital
Flin Flon Truck

The FDC Region serves as the centre and hub for shopping, culture, commerce, health, industrial supplies and distribution for communities along Highway 106 in Saskatchewan and Highway 10 in Manitoba. This encompasses a large market, drawing over 17,000 people from surrounding communities. 

Flin Flon Roads
Creighton Housing
FDC Region Cabin
Flin Flon Tourism


to Invest

There is room to grow with available serviced land and a mobilized region ready to support investment.

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Service Hub & Housing

Service Hub & Housing

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Our team of economic development experts are here to help. Please contact our Regional Economic Development Manager if you would like more information on The FDC Region's incentives.

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