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Industrial Fabricating 

and Manufacturing

  • With a long-standing industrial history, the FDC Region has the physical infrastructure and labour force available to meet most manufacturing needs


and Services

  • The FDC Region is a hub for industry in northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan

  • Heavy machinery requires effective maintenance and service to stay productive

Tailing Reclamation and Processing

  • The mining sector will continue to be an asset for the FDC Region’s economy.

  • Capitalize on valuable minerals left behind after initial processing.

Transportation and Warehousing

  • Strategically located as a part of the Mid-Continent Trade Corridor, the FDC Region is an ideal location as part of a global multi-modal transport network through the Port of Churchill

Mining & Refining of Natural Resources

  • Lithium Production

  • Forestry Products

  • Silica Sand



  • The FDC Region has available industrial buildings with industrial power and utilities to support food production and greenhouse operations

Investment Opportunities

The FDC Region’s economic experts have analyzed and identified the following markets to have unique and favourable opportunities within the region’s Service Hub and Housing Sector:

Flin Flon Hydro
Flin Flon infrastructure

Industrial Based Water, Energy, and Digital Infrastructure

There is capacity for heavy, energy-intensive operations and manufacturing in addition to general business uses in the region. 

The established industrial areas provide opportunities for new industrial and manufacturing-related developments. The existing features within the region include: 

  • Available Industrial Buildings 

  • Physical and State of the Art Digital Infrastructure (certain areas have the capacity for download speeds of up to 1 GB/s)

  • Established Shops 

  • Urban Standard Potable Water with Modern Water and Waste Facilities

  • Hydroelectric Power (Industrial Capacity)

Flin Flon Rail line
Flin Flon Roads

Access to Major Rail and Road Systems

The FDC Region is well serviced by an extensive network of major highways with both PTH 10 and Highway 106 as the primary links to the greater metro areas for both Provinces. ​

It is also a northern destination in Canada’s Mid-Continent Trade Corridor linking by both road and rail, creating a seamless supply chain to service Canada’s north including access to the Port of Churchill, and also to flow raw material to other manufacturing operations.

Within the region, there is a presence of a large number of trucking, equipment rental, exploration, parts supplier companies, engineering and construction companies.

Mine Workforce
Hudbay Employees

Access to Mobilized, Loyal and Educated Workforces

The region is home to a highly experienced, committed workforce with experience working in  an extreme climate. 

With 45% of the workforce having post-secondary, and/or trade training, by occupation and industry, the Region outperforms on both the Manitoba and the Saskatchewan workforce averages on mining, trades, transportation, forestry, and jobs unique to processing and manufacturing. Many of the Region’s jobs are within these industries and provide a solid economic base. 

In addition to the existing workforce, international migration and investment remain as key priorities of both Manitoba and Saskatchewan Provincial Governments. There is a stronger emphasis on candidates with high potential to meet the Province’s projected labour market needs and who can establish higher investment businesses that create jobs.

Flin Flon Industrial
Hudbay Mine

Serviced Sites

Several serviced, industrial sites are available, many with existing, modern facilities. While the region continues to play a crucial role as a hub for mining and supply/services of the regional mining sector, there remain key opportunities.


to Invest

The FDC Region has vacant and available manufacturing facilities, land, infrastructure and energy.


Our team of economic development experts are here to help. Please contact our Regional Economic Development Manager if you would like more information on The FDC Region's incentives.

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