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Key Sectors

Discover The FDC Region's sectors of interest and the infrastructure that supports them. The Region’s economic experts have identified, analyzed and compiled key information on the following sectors that are being actively targeted due to their unique and favourable investment opportunities.

Welcome to the FDC Region

 The FDC Region is home to the established communities of Flin Flon, Creighton and Denare Beach, offering an enviable quality of life with a shared population of over 7,500 people. 

Nestled in the Canadian Shield, the FDC Region is unique, rich with an abundance of nature, lakes, walking and hiking trails and clear sight of the aurora borealis. With room to grow, available serviced land, high capacity and quality infrastructure, and a mobilized workforce, The FDC Region is full of investment opportunities.

Why Invest

in the FDC

Discover what makes The FDC Region unique and attractive for investment. With its resilient and mobilized community groups and associations to its quality infrastructure and municipal services to support investment. There are several resources and supports available to assist investors and business.

Established Markets

The economy of the Region is rooted in mining, resource extraction, tourism and serves as a hub for shopping, culture, commerce, health, industrial supplies and distribution for communities along Highway 106 in Saskatchewan and Highway 10 in Manitoba. This encompasses a total market draw of over 15,000 people. 

Access to Markets

The FDC Region boasts a number of competitive advantages that position the communities of Flin Flon – Creighton – Denare Beach as the ideal location for opportunity and investment. Provincial Trunk Highway (PTH) 10 and Highway 106 are the primary links to the greater metro areas for both Provinces. It is also a northern link in the Mid-Continent Trade Corridor that links both road and rail, creating a seamless supply chain to service Canada’s north and also to flow raw material to other manufacturing operations. 

Lively, Vibrant & Desirable 

What makes the FDC Region unique and attractive is its resilient and mobilized community groups and associations. From schools and community recreation facilities, to medical, wellness and cultural services, the Region boasts a strong sense of community. A key opportunity for investors is the region’s talent. The FDC Region is home to a highly experienced, committed workforce, often with learned generational thinking and skills that have been shaped over the last 100 years. 

Development Areas

The FDC Region currently has a number of development opportunities throughout the region. It is well-positioned with quality infrastructure and municipal services to support investment. The Region’s communities all have urban standard potable water and sanitary waste systems and treatment facilities with capacity to support all types of development. Industrial-based energy is also available to support new manufacturing opportunities in the FDC Region that are collaborative and tap into well-developed power infrastructure. 

Travel & Tourism

With its impressive amenities and community minded citizens, The FDC Region is home to a wide variety of events from tournaments, conferences, trade-shows and meetings to large scale sporting and recreation events. The established outdoor amenities of the region also makes it an ideal place to host a variety of tournaments in both summer and winter, including fishing, adventure cycling, skiing, snowmobiling and golfing. 

Locate & Expand

There are several communities beyond the immediate surrounding that contribute to the overall economy, including the Local Urban Region (LUD) of Cranberry Portage, several all-season cottage areas, a number of town hamlets and First Nation communities including Snow Lake, Sandy Bay, Sturgeon Landing, Pelican Narrows, and Deschambault Lake. Together, these distinct communities have a combined population of nearly 15,000 according to the 2016 population census, with closer to 17,000 people including those who reside between these Manitoba and Saskatchewan communities. 

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