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The Outdoor Experience

The vast number of lakes, rivers and unique and rugged landscapes accompany the area and represent a fundamental quality of the FDC Region.


As a fundamental quality of the area, year-round, the local communities have a number of lakes, rivers, streams and other natural features to explore and experience. The lakes offer not only tranquillity but also excellent fishing experiences with several well-located lodges attracting attention from all areas. Recently, rhe region was named one of the best places to fish in Canada by travel website Expedia.

Northern Manitoba Lake
Flin Flon Boardwalk


The FDC Region has a diversity of terrain and trails available to hikers, bikers and skiers. Here are some of the amazing trails to experience:

  • Flinty’s Boardwalk and Hiking Trail 

  • Flin Flon Ski and Mountain Bike Trails – over 28 km of groomed trails including a 2.2 km lighted valley loop  

  • Brian King Nature Trail

  • Community Connections Walking Path 

  • Bakers Narrows Scenic Tower

  • The Karst Spring Self-Guiding Trail

  • Lighted walking path linking Creighton to Flin Flon

Provincial Parks

Bakers Narrows Provincial Park

Located 21 kilometres South-East of Flin Flon, along the shore of Lake Athapapaskow, Bakers Narrows Provincial Park consists of 145 hectares of Precambrian boreal forest. While providing an outdoor recreational and educational opportunity for the locals, the park also looks to effectively conserve the areas rich biodiversity and unique natural, cultural and heritage resources. 


Surrounded by the water and boreal forest, the scenic tower within Bakers Narrows offers spectacular views of the landscape with additional interpretive signage providing a history of the area from early inhabitants to modern industry.

Hiking, camping, boating, wildlife viewing, photography, and fishing experiences are some of the opportunities available to visitors, and residents. 

Creighton Water Activities
Flin Flon Water

Natural Features

Flin Flon – the City Built on Rocks

Known as the city built on rocks, Flin Flon was established atop of the volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) deposit discovered by Tom Creighton and David Collins in 1914. The unique location of Flin Flon gives the city a beautiful rocky landscape and waterfront views like few other destinations.


Precambrian Shield

The Precambrian Shield is a large and distinctive region typically located in the northern regions of Canada. Some of the oldest and most abundant rocks in Manitoba are Precambrian.

Known for its rough terrain, the Precambrian Shield contains many rocky cliffs, lakes, bogs, boreal forests, permafrost areas, and rich wildlife populations. 

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